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horsemed, Horse Veterinarian
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Experience:  Equine veterinarian with 8 years experience working at referral hospitals throughout the country
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It is Christmas and I am sorry to bother you. My horse is 26

Customer Question

Hello, it is Christmas and I am sorry to bother you. My horse is 26 y.o. TB gelding in good shape. Recently took shoes off to let him live his golden years happy and barefoot. He has always has some issues with lameness, what TB hasn't. My barefoot trimmer has asked me to go off the Previcox which I did 5 days ago. Noticed he wasn't rolling and last two days very lethargic. So I called vet today and she ran his blood. His fibrogen level is 776 and she tells me it should be around 400. She gave him two grams of Bute intravenously. She has me to give 1 gram every 12 hours until slight fever that he has subsides. It is 101.3. She tells me that is not that high. But for him he runs like 99.2 so for him it is a fever and he feels warm. We are having unseasonably warm weather. Almost 65 degrees. He is not lame but his digital pulse is noticeable. She asked me to give him 15 SMZ's starting tonight as soon as I return to barn. She mentioned he has a heart murmur. Doesn't the fibrogen level has to do with the heart?????!!!
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Horse Veterinary
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Just to mention I am holistic, but realize Western med is sometimes necessary and do not disclaim from using it.
Expert:  horsemed replied 1 year ago.

Hello I am an internal medicine specialist and I would be happy to help. Sorry to hear you having to deal with this issue over the holidays! In answer to your question, no fibrinogen is an indicator of inflammation and does not necessarily have anything to do with the heart. However, dehydration and disturbances caused by the inflammation, fever, and therefore decreased water intake and electrolyte imbalances can sometimes result in a temporary heart murmur. It would be best to recheck the heart murmur 2 weeks after resolution of clinical signs and see if it is still there.

Expert:  horsemed replied 1 year ago.

With regard to the fever, I understand his temperature is higher than usual. It is great that you are familiar with his regular temperature! However, due to the side effects of Bute and since you also believe in a holistic approach, it would be perfectly fine to refrain from administering Bute as long as his temperature is below 101.5 to 102 degrees (a true fever). Hope this makes sense, please let me know if you have any further questions!

Expert:  horsemed replied 1 year ago.

Hello there. I just wanted to check if you received my answer? Please rate my answer if you found it to be helpful. Otherwise I would be happy to answer any further questions you may have!

Expert:  horsemed replied 1 year ago.
I'm just following up on our conversation about your pet. How is everything going?
Expert:  horsemed replied 1 year ago.

I just wanted to check to see if you have any questions? Please click the "accept" button or rate my answer if you found it to be helpful. Even though you placed a deposit, experts do not receive credit for their time until the answer is accepted, including time spent on Christmas Day. Otherwise, I would be happy to continue answering any questions you have!

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Unfortunately it was not that helpful. My horse was off Previcox for 5 days and I believe when he experienced the inflammation that was a little out of co trol he freaked and it spiked the fever.
Expert:  horsemed replied 1 year ago.

I'm sorry to hear that. I thought your question pertained to whether the high fibrinogen was related to his heart murmur but if you have further questions regarding Stache I am happy to help. How is he doing now?

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
He seems fine
Expert:  horsemed replied 1 year ago.

I'm glad to hear that. If there is anything I can do to assist you, please let me know!