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horsemed, Horse Veterinarian
Category: Horse Veterinary
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Experience:  Equine veterinarian with 8 years experience working at referral hospitals throughout the country
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Customer Question

WHAT TO DO FOR MATURE HORSE WITH INTESTINAL BLOCKAGE. HAS not pooped for 5 days. Had home town vet look at him twice. First visit he ingested 2 1/2 gallons of epsom salt water (normal), gave a shot of pain meds and left three other pain shots with us. Not sure what occurred on second visit as it happened today while I was working. But message I received said if horse didn't go soon he would have to be put down. Not sure horses age but he's around 12 yrs old and been pretty healthy. Isn't there a sedative or laxative that could help him
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Horse Veterinary
Expert:  horsemed replied 2 years ago.
Hello there. I am sorry to hear about Jericho's impaction. If he indeed has an impaction felt on rectal exam, those are usually treatable medically through intensive therapy. Since it has been so many days, I would recommend referral to the nearest hospital for hospitalization, IV fluids, and intubation with laxatives 2-4 times daily. The laxatives given through nasogastric intubation can include a variety of different agents, including Epsom Salts, mineral oil, water, electrolytes, and DSS. IV lidocaine and other promotility agents may help as well. I agree with your vet that a 5-day impaction is of great concern, but since he is 12y old and otherwise healthy, it would be worthwhile investing in a trip to a referral hospital. Please let me know if you have any further questions.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
we are not financially able to transport him to hospital. Any home remedies you can suggest
Expert:  horsemed replied 2 years ago.
Unfortunately, due to the severity and length of time that he has been dealing with the impaction, the only medical intervention at home would be for the vet to come out at least twice daily to administer fluids through the nasogastric tube and to perhaps administer what IV fluids can be administered on the farm. As far as what you are able to do, I would recommend withholding any food and trying to entice him to drink. I would recommend providing one bucket of fresh water and with the second bucket of water, providing electrolytes or apple juice or a mint, anything that would entice him to drink. If he is able to get any mashes, provide 1 tablespoon of table salt on top of his bran mashes to encourage drinking.
Expert:  horsemed replied 2 years ago.
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