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How long does labor/contractions last in a mare having her

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How long does labor/contractions last in a mare having her first foal? My mare started having contractions yesterday around 9:30 am and they are still going but seem infrequent. She is still eating sporadically. She squats frequently also. Yesterday she was kicking a lot, this morning she isn't.
Hi there.

Your mare is in the first stage of labor which can last more than 6 hrs especially in maiden mares.This is the period when she will be restless and urinate frequently. The second stage of labor is when the foal is released and this stage will take 30-60 minutes of hard labor. If it last longer, then Strabucks is in trouble and will need assistance.

So far, this appears to be very normal and things are going as it should.

Good Luck!!
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
This has been going on for 24 hours, so are we still in the normal range or do I need to contact my local vet?
In maiden mares, this first stage can be very long., AS long as she is still not in serious labor pushing non stop for more than an hour, you are still in the normal period. She is still showing restlessness and is eating in between these odd behaviors...this is still normal. Watch for serious labor. Then watch for her to go more than an hour in this period.

the hardest thing about this is are doing great! just be there if she needs help but for now, everything is normal.
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