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How do I keep the ticks off of my horses We have 3 - two

Resolved Question:

How do I keep the ticks off of my horses? We have 3 - two gray arabians & a brown quarter cross - only our brown one seems to get them but they LOVE her (and ME!) I sprinkled sevin dust in the stalls and rubbed it under legs. What else can I use/do?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Horse Veterinary
Expert:  brookevet replied 7 years ago.
Hi there!
For how long this problem has been there?
What is the type of stall? Are there any crevices? Has the stall cemented walls without cracks on it?
Are there any cracks on the floor?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Her stall is semi enclosed - 3 half walls (wooden) & we put boards across at night to create a 4th. It is a dirt floor & we put shavings down - cleaning regularly b/c she is a stall pooper! Also - we live in southeastern Virginia. I first started pulling ticks off of her (and me) about 3 weeks ago, when the weather began to warm up. The ticks are brown with a white spot in the center of their back.
Expert:  brookevet replied 7 years ago.
Thanks for informations.
As far as ticks persistence is concerned, one can remove ticks if the stall has fully cemented walls without any crevices in it but in case of a wooden stall, the elimination of ticks is not an attainable objective. As you know ticks are very very tough i.e. a female tick fed once on the bled, can live for about three years without a second feeding. You can imagine how hard these are.
This wooden stall is also good for the horse but at the same time for ticks. Then only solution remains regular picking up of ticks from her and application of an insecticide powder on the ticks especially in the areas of arm pits and groin areas , the preferable sites of ticks.
Some chickens of an indigenous breed, can pick ticks from horses, but this served the purpose in the past when all animals remained together on the farmside.
By the way, you can ask your vet to have subcutaneous injection of ivermectin at beginning of the tick season. This will remove tick for a couple of weeks.
Then superficial application of Sevin intermittently will be continued. Always try to take great care so that the horse should not lick it. Better to apply on the ticks attached on the skin, with a cotton swab to minimise the risk of licking by horse. I have used Neguvon 0,1 percent solution (Trichlorfon) also. but depends on availability according to the state's legislation. You know that it will be a continuous job. You can also use these insecticide solutions to kill the ticks hidden in the wooden stall.
With best wishes
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