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What is the normal range of temperature of a 6 month old filly Is

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What is the normal range of temperature of a 6 month old filly?
Is it the same as an adult horse?
Hello there,

The normal temp for a foal is between 99-102.5. If her temp is 100, she is not feverish.
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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Would weaning her cause her to act like shes not feeling good? I am concern on her eating, and her eyes, they seem like she has a small cold, like a child.

This is the first filly for me to have. She was born here at our home.

I may be an over reacting mom, but concerned.

Thank you for your time

If her feed is off, you are not being overconcerned. She could be depressed from being weaned. Weeping eyes can indicate early signs of illness. I would check her temp twice a day for a few days. If it gets above 102, I would have your vet check her over. If her fecal production slows or she looks to be losing weight, I would get your vet to look her over ASAP.
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

First Thank You for your time

She is passing stool so far normally, and drinking water ok. I use a 20lb empty plastic tub for her watering, I use that cleaned out very good and fill it to the top with water morning and night to keep track on the amount of water she is consuming. She is drinking about 2-3 inches durning the day and about the same at night when I check in the morning at feeding. I did the skin pinch test for any signs of dehydation, and so far looking good.

Iv call the vet, this morning and her phone person wants me to bring her in saying a temp of 100* is a sign she is running a low temp. My husband aggrees with you, he has been around horses all his life, his dad never took them to a vet, he treated them at home.

Im not the knowlage on horses to take that risk.

Thank You Again


One of my associates just sent me a message to make sure to watch out for stomach ulcers in this foal as they can occur in newly weaned foals. They are treated with omeprazole( Gastrogard) until the appetite returns. Your husband should know what it is and where to get it.
Dr. Scott and other Horse Veterinary Specialists are ready to help you