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When and how should I use venice turpentine. I have been applying

Resolved Question:

When and how should I use venice turpentine. I have been applying it to the ouside of my horse's hooves to try to promote hardness, mitigate some cracking, and prevent further cracks. This was advised by a farrier. Today I was told that another farrier said, "oh, you shouldn't be using venice turpentine now because with teh dry weather it will dry out the horse's hooves and cause cracking. But then, an online resource I just read said that with the daily wet/dry cycle caused by dew then drying out of dew, venice turpentine applied to the soles can help protect horse's hooves from cracking.

As with practically all horse matters, I find ground truth to be very elusive. Please help/
Submitted: 8 years ago.
Category: Horse Veterinary
Expert:  Doc Evan replied 8 years ago.
You sound like the true horse expert...knowing that there are no "truths" in horse care. Smile

The problem is no one has done an actual study using Venice turpentine on horse hooves in any condition, so we cannot give a true scientific and proven answer. So then people go by their own observations, and in the case of us vets, we call it clinical impressions.

In the case of the turpentine, it does appear to be protective and hoof hardening in general. I have never had the impression, even in hot dry weather, that it will make the hoof dry out and lead to cracking. I still feel it is a a good hoof hardner and recommend it. Keep in mind, it can only do so much for the hoof, so when there is hot dry weather that could lead to hoof cracking, it may not be able to totally block the effect of the dry weather and in some instances the hoof will get some problems. So then people will think the turpentine leads to cracking, when it really helped make less cracking or blocked it in some horses.

Hope this helps.
Doc Evan
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