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My 2014 crv' s air conditioner intermittently stops blowing

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My 2014 crv' s air conditioner intermittently stops blowing cold air . This doesn't happen on any schedule and cannot be predicted. My dealer has had my car for 5 weeks. They have reproduced while driving but cannot reproduce in is under warranty.,,,
JA: Have you checked the coolant level? Have you checked for a leak in the radiator?
Customer: Yes at first they said freon was problem and serviced it . 130.00
JA: Are you fixing your CR-V yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: No it is at the dealer. I have had routine service done with freon added
JA: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: No

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Not much I can say about the excessive delay in getting a response is I am sorry. I am willing to try and help if help is still needed. Just reply and let me know.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
No worries about time for response....i've been dealing with this for weeks....I need advice on what the possible causes of my problem could be.....Honda crv 2014 under air conditioner will work fine then all of a sudden it will stop blowing cold air and only blow cabin air which is not happens intermittently and cannot be predicted.....I took it to dealer 6 weeks ago and they said it just needed servicing and put freon in.....seems strange that it would need freon to tested cold in the shop...I started driving home and after 10 minutes it started blowing hot air.....I started back to shop and it began cooling again before I could get back.......mechanic has duplicated problem while driving my car but they cannot duplicate it in the car has been in the shop for almost 5 weeks they believe me now, but have not been able to duplicate in shop.....I am frustrated because they act like this has never happened before and will not tell me what it could possibly be due to.......I feel that surely there are possibilities of what might be the problem.....I was hoping you could give me some ideas of what would possibly cause this..any suggestions would be appreciated

I am baffled that in 5 weeks they have not been able to drive the vehicle and diagnose at the same time to see what readings are going out of whack and causing the shut down. You can electrically monitor all sensors with a DVOM or scan tool while driven as well as pressure test the system while driving. Quite often techs hook up the tools for monitoring and attach the tool to a wiper arm so it can be seen then go driving. They appear to not be thinking outside the box on this one and putting forth that special effort, there is not much to monitor for the AC system. First off they need to confirm the PCM is not sending the ground signal to the compressor relay and that is to blame. If so then they need to monitor the sensor inputs the PCM needs to turn on the clutch. Those include the thermal sensor, temp sensor, and HVAC control.

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Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Moose.....thank you so much....this helps me.....I am baffled as well...probably going to have to call corporate but I don't want to because I have relationship with this dealership.....I rated you 5.....your answer was clear and made sense to me....

Best of luck.