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2002 Honda Accord 2.3L Started with bad Idling issues and

Customer Question

2002 Honda Accord 2.3L
Started with bad Idling issues and when accelerating it would die. Took it to the shop they wanted $1400 to fix a few CEL codes. We couldn't afford this fix so we brought the car home. Starting with replacing spark plugs, wires, distributor, cap, rotor, IAC valve, MAP sensor, fuel pump, EGR valve I think a few other sensors as well. Now idles good but when you give it has it dies. Not drive able. Code reader says O2 sensor but we've been told that wouldn't cause this problem. Can't keep playing the guessing game at this point. We need help!! Any suggestions?
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  Andrew Martin replied 11 months ago.

Could be the O2 sensor. Primary O2 sensor measures the fuel/air mix in the exhaust and tells the computer whether or not more air or fuel need to be added. Judging by all of the other things that you have replaced, there really isn't much left. Besides the oxygen sensor, the only other things would be a vacuum leak, or the fuel pressure being too low from a clogged filter, or dirty injectors.

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