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2003 accord ex 6cyl, 2nd owner, 184K miles,daughter had

Customer Question

2003 accord ex 6cyl, 2nd owner, 184K miles,daughter had problems with slow response when taking off from a stop. Check Engine, TCS, triangle with exclamation lights all on. "D" flashing. Code was "Solenoid A High Voltage". Don't have number at this point.
CHecked fluid, burnt,brown. Drained, changed both (2) solenoid A's, filter "element", found black sludge but no metal particles on drain plug magnet. Flushed with fresh Honda DW-1 Fluid, refilled. Battery was diconnected and I removed the ECU and TCS fuses. Reconnected everything. Ran at idle for 30 minutes. Disconnected battery and fuses overnight. Reconnected and drove for 1hour normal in town and on highway. All lights still on. Tried some drive park off cycles. Seems to shift good but......Poor response when taking off in D, D3, and 2. Great response when taking off in 1 and good up shift when done manually. No slippage when driving or hesitation. What do you feel the problem is? Car parked with battery and ECU fuse disconnected. Will start in AM and check codes again. Lights were all still on when I parked it and "Solenoid A High Voltage" code still registering
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Honda
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
additional info.......Code P0974 Shift Solenoid A control circuit voltage high
Expert:  david craig replied 1 year ago.

Hi Im david and here is a process that you may want to try to narrow down the possibilities.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi David,
I saw that, but on page 1, my vehicle year is not listed under "applies to:" and, the P codes listed are not the one I am getting (P0974). I will test it as soon as I can find the time.
Can you advise me if there any other ways to reset the ECU and the Transmission Control Module?
Also, are the symptoms the car is exhibiting attributable to that "AB Solenoid" in particular, as I see there are multiple different solenoids on the transmission labeled "A" and "B"?
The trans seems to shift ok, it just does not seem to be starting out in 1st from a stop, sluggish, but not really slipping.
Can it be related to the "TCS" not allowing the trans to start out in 1st? If so how do I disable the TCS to see id that solves the problem? I have already tried removing the two fuses under the hood that seemed to be related to the TCS but it did not help.
Expert:  david craig replied 1 year ago.

there are so many possibilities. my first thoughts are the shift solenoid for first gear is gummed up. or a passage is blocked. with out a scan tool with transmission code capabilities, the only chance to reset the ecu and tcm is to disconnect the battery, both cables, touch them together for a few minutes then reconnect.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Is the shift solenoid for first gear the one pictured in the trouble shooting article or one of the others on the transmission?
If the 1st gear solenoid is gummed up, would the car not be able to take off, or respond normally, when the shift lever is in first gear? Because the response is great when starting in first gear, but not the others.
I will find some one with the proper scan tool to read the transmission codes.
I did not know that the disconnected battery cables needed to be touched together, thanks.
Should I do this and see what happens or find a scan tool and read the codes first?
Expert:  david craig replied 1 year ago.

touching the cables together release any static electrical charges from components. its not dangerous as long as they are disconnected from the battery

Expert:  david craig replied 1 year ago.

here is a very valuable tool to have. please leave a rating for me, its the only way i get credit for my answers. i can still assist you without any extra fees even after you rate me. im the only one that can close this out...thank you

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi David, can you please address the questions I posed at 7:51, Thanks
I have already discovered and referred to the "" website.
Expert:  david craig replied 1 year ago.

Im going to opt out and let another expert who is more familiar with this issue help

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Thank you for trying!!!!!
Just curious about your thoughts on my questions posed at 7:51 on July 31st..........
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hi David, it appears that I am not getting the full text of your response. In the last email that indicates you have responded with an answer, it states, (paraphrasing) "here is a diagram of the location of the shift solenoids", but when I click on "get full response", nothing shows up with that text or reference, just your response that your referring my problem to someone else.Please resend