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acura mstr
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I have a 2001 cr-v ex. The other day while driving with the

Customer Question

I have a 2001 cr-v ex. The other day while driving with the a/c on, the car stalled at a stop. It cranks fine, but won't start. Since the car has never been tuned up, 122,000 miles, I replaced plugs, wires, dist. cap & rotor. I tried again, and car would not start, or even sound like it wanted to start. I can smell a strong fuel smell, so I rechecked the spark. It was very weak. I got a new ignition module and put it in. Car still didn't start. I checked for spark at the plug wire and no spark. I took the cap off, and connected a plug wire to the coil output spring. I got a hot spark at the plug end of the plug wire. I reassembled everything and rechecked and had no spark at the plugs. I also removed the coil and visually inspected it. It looked ok. Any thoughts?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  acura mstr replied 1 year ago.

This model is prone to coil failures. What happens is the insulation on the winding's fails and they leak spark through the side under the metal shield. remove the coil and pull the shield off and look for any discoloration . If there are any marks at all on the side of the coil replace it. Also we see non- factory rotors burn out and short to the distributor shaft. Even though you have spark with the cap off it still could be the coil . When the cap and wires are all together there is more resistance an a bigger chance of the coil spark jumping. I have seen these short a coil by just pulling a plug wire with the engine running. Also you might need to remove and dry out the plugs when there is no spark the injectors still run and wet down the plugs .