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camerontech, Auto Service Technician
Category: Honda
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Experience:  diagnostic auto tech
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I have a 2008 Honda civic ex coupe. The steering wheel

Customer Question

I have a 2008 Honda civic ex coupe. The steering wheel shakes bad at 70-85 with gas on. when you let off the gas no shake.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  camerontech replied 1 year ago.

hi there

im cam, a licenced diagnostic tech

This would be a driveline issue.

one of the axles constant velocity joints is defective and will require replacing.

determining which one can be the tricky part as i have seen axles with no noise or no play at all be the faulty one.

This will require you to raise and support the vehicle and remove the front wheels. grab both the left and right axle shafts and see if any are noticeably loose, either up and down motion or in and out. if any of the boots are torn and the grease is coming out than this can be a sign of the defective one too

if nothing can be seen visually than you will have to replace them one at a time and try a process of elimination.

It is usually the longer shaft though i find most on the time.

I usually recommend replacing both front axles as if one is gone than the other is probably not far behind

Expert:  camerontech replied 1 year ago.

hi there,

let me know how your repair go's!

please dont forget to rate me!



Expert:  camerontech replied 1 year ago.

hi again,

did you find the problem with your car?