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I brought my 2006 Honda pilot to one of the large super

Customer Question

Hi. I brought my 2006 Honda pilot to one of the large super stores auto department for an oil change. The SUV was running fine, no engine lights on or trouble. After four (4) days and nearly 540 highway miles later the engine light came on and the the oil light. The vehicle started to shut down while exiting the highway. I was able to restart it about 5 times to make it to a different location (approx. 1 mile) of the same chain shop. The technician told me that the vehicle had been overfilled with oil. After getting the manager involved, they agreed to drain the excess oil (about 1.5 quarts). The technician said he got oil all over him. The manager recommended that I file a damage claim at the other store location. I had to have it towed to a mechanic shop where i was told that i would need a new engine. I explained that the insurance agent wanted a shop report with the diagnosis and cause of the damage... but the shop does not want to have to go to court. Now the Insurance company for the chain have refused to move forward with my claim because the shop report only states that the engine needs to be replaced. I am out of a car now and renting. Did overfilling cause this damage and what are your thoughts?
Thanks, UJS
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  Steve replied 1 year ago.

Without being at the vehicle when it initially stalled out I can not be 100% certain but it does sound like it ran out of oil. The oil light would not come on if the engine was overfilled, it will come on while driving if it looses oil pressure from an internal problem or lack of oil.

Was the engine making a lot of noise when you limped to the first place after stalling?

The other shop suggesting a new engine also leads me to believe that it did run out of oil especially if it is still not running.

You might want to check with another shop to see if they will inspect it and fill out a report of what the vehicle needs. This will cost you money but if it can be proven the "super store" was at fault I do not see why they would not reimburse you for the inspection also.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
The oil change occurred 4 days prior to the stall and having driven the car to work (67 miles away each began the problem on the fourth day while driving home). When inspected, the technician indicated the oil was overfilled and he drained 1.5 quarts to get it to the level it was supposed to be. Each time the car started up and I began to drive the engine and then oil light came on and it would begin to make noise and stall. The technician made reference to tge fact that driving on an overfilled engine for that amount of time would have resulted in engine damage.
Expert:  Steve replied 1 year ago.

Sounds like that are covering up something. If it was overfilled the engine would idle rougher and be smoking. I am thinking they did not have the drain plug tight and it took the 4 days for the oil to leak out or the plug to fall off.

Did you ever notice any oil on the ground after the oil change? Did you actually see the technician drain any oil from your Pilot?