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I am thinking of buying a 2012 crosstour EXL,, 30,000 mi.

Customer Question

i am thinking of buying a 2012 crosstour EXL,, 30,000 mi. when i drove it the steering seemed stiff and heavy. i could turn the wheel and let it go--it would no return unless i forced it back. i told thedealer it felt about half way between normal power steering and no power steering. when he restarted the car to park it, he saidit felt fine to him, and no one else had mentioned that issue. now i have researched and found many owners found the power steering would fail, then be ok when the car was turned off andrestarted. i did not notice if the warning light was on, but i going back tmorrow to drive it again. also have an appt at a honda dealer for pre purchase eval. i would appreciate very much whatever you can tellme about this problem an if you have encountered itfrequently. there are hundreds of complaints describing what i experienced 0r even complete failure which is very dangerous. i am grateful for any expert insight you can offer, any help or advice. thank you--lin
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  Honda-Man replied 1 year ago.

Welcome to JustAnswer.

Sorry for the delay. There can be a variety of reasons the steering feels heavy. These basic items need to be ruled out first: Front suspension damage, low tire pressure, suspension modifications like lowering. Most likely there is a hydraulic system problem. Air in the system or a weak power steering pump are fairly common. Honda dealer technicians are trained and have the proper equipment to diagnose this problem. We have seen quite a lot of power steering issues in the Odyssey, Pilot, and some in the Crosstour. None have led to complete steering failure. The worst case is steering that is close to manual in effort. This is rare but can happen if there is a complete failure of power assist. The power steering pump and fluid reservoir are the most common parts to fail. This problem can be related to heat so sometimes it feels heavy when cold or after the power steering fluid is warmed up. This may explain why it changed after it was restarted. I would let the dealer have a look and advise you on the needed repairs. The 2012 Crosstour is a extremely reliable and quality vehicle I am sure you will love after this issue is resolved!

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Thank you, Honda-Man