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My car battery on my 2010 Honday insight went dead due to my

Customer Question

My car battery on my 2010 Honday insight went dead due to my grandchild turning the head lights on. It was dark when I had to jump start the vehicle and I hooked up the jumper cables wrong and it shorted the 100 amp fuse. I replaced the fuse and my car started right off the bat but the IMA light still remains on. Is there a fuse I need to replace?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  JacobTD replied 2 years ago.

Hey! Welcome to Just Answer. Dead battary is always a headache. So u got it charged. Started and have warning lights on. Have you drove it yet? A few systems first require a short drive so everything can sync up. My Audi always had a traction control light. Try a quick trip to the store and back. Most system will complete run with a short trip and a cold start, unless theres a proboem itbwill take longer. Once your back let me know how it drove. And we will go from there.