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Odyssey, Touring Elite: I have a 2012 Honda touring elite that

Customer Question

I have a 2012 Honda touring elite that has an electrical 'drain' on it since I purchased it. It was in a fresh water flood and I purchased it in salvage. I have finally narrowed down the location of the leak and it is being sucked via the 10a 'Back up camera' fuse. This fuse also works the electric doors as well as apparently driving the camera when in reverse. We have already pulled out the radio/nav system and checked the current draw and it is minimal. The 'drain' from the 10A fuse (short/drain) would drain the batter to below starting voltage in about 12 hours. I can't remember the exact number of voltage drop (I made a video on it while we were checking voltages but it was something like -7.4a draw from the 10a red back up camera fuse). Once this fuse was pulled, even though I haven't started the Odyssey for two days, the battery still reads over 12.3 volts and the car just started. What I need to know is where to look and where the fuse powers but since I have no wiring diagram,
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Honda
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
It appears that one of the devices that are on the 'Back up', 10A (#16) red top fused circuit is the culprit die to the fact that since I pulled that one fuse, for the first time, the battery has not drained, for two days.
Today, a friend of mine who owns a repair shop, printed out the list of devices from his on line auto repair shop program (@$250 per month) and it gave me at least a place to begin.
I can't begin unplugging and running voltage drop/leak tests until Sat but I am going to start 'low' at seat level and then work 'up'.
Two years ago, on advice of another justanswer Honds expert, I replaced both multiplex units but that wasn't it. My sense is, really my WAG & hope, is that it is the seat module, either left or right.
My auto shop friend told me DO NOT unplug the airbag connector located under both the left and right seat, somifmall of the,other circuits connections are end points check out OK, I will take the Honda to the dealer and let them do it.
So, please do not try very hard on an answer until at least Sunday, since I can't get to the Honda til,Sat.
Thanks for your help, please wish me luck and I will pass on any results and hopefully successes.
Personally, it indicates that the left or right seat modules are the major points to check first, since the flood waters covered both of them but never got to the radios height and the leak drain amperage voltage drop test bears this out, because the yellow 20a fuse for the Radio/Nav system has been plugged in for almost three days and the van still starts....a first.....and the 10A backup has been pulled out of the fuse box so it appears that is should be something on that 10A circuit that is draining and the lower it was, the wetter it was.
Again, to all, thanks and I will keep you all apprised.
Expert:  nabilc replied 2 years ago.
Hello and Welcome! I'm Billy and i will assist you with your inquiry. Feel free to ask if any further info is needed.
My apologies for the delay, thank you for your patience.
Did you unplug the seat modules?
did you check the connectors for corrosion etc??
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Billy, not a problem on the delay. I am retired and slow and sine my wife is gone, I have the time to troubleshoot this, but due to other commitments, like trying to do her 'honey do' list and helping an elderly family move, I only unplugged the drivers seat module (which lie crosswise, at the front of the seat and three of the 'white plugs;. I didn't touch the yellow, for fear of it being the air bags and arming them.
I am trying to track 'draw' per hour of amps and will try tomorrow to unplug both the drivers and passengers seat modules. Any info on where the SRS plugs are, color, etc., would be appreciated.
I'll try and get back with you then.
I was doing an amps draw test so got to go back and test the unplugs with the ma test in place.
Thanks for your response.
Expert:  nabilc replied 2 years ago.
Hello Tom,
I'm afraid i don't have the plugs' color info, however, the connectors that get to the seat module should be the ones you need to take out.
And no need to get the draw per hour. You need to have ignition off, wait 30 minutes (leave the vehicle untouched), and check the draw. Since you already know which fuse (which circuit), proceeding on that circuit is the way.
I will be waiting for your findings.