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Accord: will VTC selinoid and VTEC selinoid couse low compression.

Customer Question

will VTC selinoid and VTEC selinoid couse low compression. when cranking sounds like low compression and engine tries to start but will not. valve cover is off and timing chain looks ok and snug. 147 k milesVTC selinoid appears to be stuck open. Will this cause these symptoms. IVTEC
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  CarNo7 replied 2 years ago.
OK, so it sounds like there is some confusion here. To answer your question, while cranking if the VTEC solenoid (aka spool valve) is stuck open it should not cause low compression. With that being said if the engine is operating and the vtec system malfunctions, it can keep the engine in"vtec" mode at low rpm and cause the engine to run rough. However once the engine is shut off and restarted this condition goes away, and the engine starts normally. From what your describing and the year and milage of the car, I would check the timing chain to see if it has been stretched. I have many times this occur and cause a lack of compression because the cams and crankshaft are no longer aligned, thus giving incorrect valve timing.