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Experience:  I have an Associates Degree in Automotive. 10 Years experience on all makes and models. 20 Years Honda only including factory training. Over 30 years total.
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Pilot: lorunner... My wife lost the keys to her 2005 pilot.

Customer Question

lorunner... My wife lost the keys to her 2005 pilot. I got a black made and have the immobilized brake code. They to use the brake to enter the digits... Not the parking brake since the pilot has a parking brake on the floor. We have tried the sequence every way we can imagine but no luck. Do you know the procedure without using the "hand" style ebrake?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  Honda-Man replied 2 years ago.
Hello it seems lorunner is offline at this time I will do my best to help you. I have included the procedure for entering the brake code using the brake pedal. It sometimes takes several attempts but will work if you have the correct code. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to assist you. Your satisfaction and accepting my service or providing a positive rating is what I work for! If you can't rate in this way please let me know so I can continue to help. A positive rating is the only way the site will compensate me for helping you. You can still ask follow-up questions after the rating.Thanks again! ~Honda-Man
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
Hate to tell you this, but we tried the brake pedal sequence dozens of times, often with pulling the battery cable to reset everything. Never worked. The information you provided is the same that my local Honda dealer had.
Out of frustration I tried doing the sequence using the parking break as suggested for other models of Honda.... Which seems cumbersome because you have to double tap the parking break to get it to release on the pilot. BUT it WORKED!!!!!Service Bolton I got from the dealer was from 1999 so I don't know the procedure changed since then or not. Somebody needs to let Honda know the documentation is inaccurate:)
Expert:  Honda-Man replied 2 years ago.
Strange? I have used the brake pedal with success before? I got the procedure using your vehicle information too. long as you got it working that's all that matters!
Have a great evening, Honda-Man