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Since I was last on about this issue the two passenger

Customer Question

Hi, since I was last on about this issue the two passenger side door windows have returned to operational on their own. Can I assume there is not a broken fuse since they are working again. Also, I just replaced the driver side master switch and it didn't make any difference. Is there a layman's way to test the power window control module (Part#2HKYF18557H515886) ?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  Ron replied 2 years ago.

Hello, my name is ***** ***** I am a professional here at Just Answer. I have noticed that your question was not getting a response and thought I would see if you still need help with this.I apologize for the delay and I hope I can still assist you with this here.

I have enclosed the factory steps for checking the inputs to the power window control module in the links below.

Customer: replied 2 years ago.

I received your documents and thank you for the research. I'm not very familiar with using a meter and I wanted to ask if there were any layman steps to narrow down the cause. I understand there are only so many things to replace from the control unit out to the windows that can be the cause so I'll list what I think are all the components and then what I've replaced so far. Maybe looking at it like this you can help me to eliminate what is not causing my problem. If we eliminate what I've done and your help to reduce the list of that's remaining we can get to a few items that are the left that would be the most likely parts that are the cause.

The original problem started with the driver side rear door window wouldn't operate but there was a click sound coming form the door switch. I replaced the regulator (motor, lever, and wire) and didn't get it to work. I then replaced it again in case the part I bought was bad. The second one didn't work either and I decided to replace the wire harness in that door. When I took it out the harness was filled with water. When I replaced it everything finally worked but I didn't mount the harness correctly and the wire went under the window. Once the window was rolled down all the way the wire was broken and none of the windows worked. I took it to a local shop and hey wanted to replace the master switch on the driver door for $500. I decided to buy a used one and test it myself. Before the part arrived we discovered that the two passenger side doors were operating again but only by the switch on their doors. The driver side master switch and the driver side rear door switch still don't do anything. They also don't make any clicking sounds when they are pressed. I did replace the master switch and it did not change anything. The two passenger doors are still operating but the two driver side switches do nothing. I've looked at the wire harness diagram and by my thinking the only things left to replace are the remaining three door harnesses and power window control module. Right now my approach is to replace them starting with the driver door harness, then the control module. After that the only other things to replace are the two passengers harnesses but those doors work so I am not expecting them to have any connection to this problem.

With that in mind can you give me some input that that would help me understand better what I could do to identify the source of this problem?

Thanks for your help.

Expert:  Ron replied 2 years ago.
With every thing you have done and replaced I would start with checking the inputs listed in the test steps for the module first from the switch. That should tell you if the module is at fault.