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justinsbg, ASE Certified Technician
Category: Honda
Satisfied Customers: 977
Experience:  ASE certified in Brakes, Electrical, HVAC, and Engine Performance. Currently a lead diagnostic Technician.
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Ex: getting no spark new dist, coil

Customer Question

getting no spark new dist, coil
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  justinsbg replied 2 years ago.
Hi,My name is ***** ***** I would be happy to help. Can you please tell me what model Honda this is? That information is not in the description. I will be heading out to work in about 20 minutes so if I don't respond back immediately please be patient. Thanks.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
accord 1992 ex
Expert:  justinsbg replied 2 years ago.
Reminder, I have not been paid at this point and won't be until I receive a positive rating from you. At that point I will receive a portion of what you've already paid Just Answer.Great. Thanks for that information. I just had a 1992 Accord in the shop about a month ago with similar problems. The customer had replaced everything you've mentioned. I ended up pulling the valve cover to inspect the cam shaft because there were not any distributor signals. I had another technician spin the engine over while I watched the valve train. The camshaft had broken in two right near where it goes into the distributor, therefore the distributor wasn't sensing the engine was spinning over. About 75% of the camshaft was spinning over, but where it goes into the distributor it was not. I've seen this a number of times on the 1990-1993 Accord. Why don't you take the valve cover off to make sure this hasn't happened before you spend any more money trying to fix it. This won't cost you anything but time.You can go ahead and rate me positively. Don't worry, there won't be additional charges for asking questions after you rate so I will keep on helping until the issue is resolved. Thanks.
Customer: replied 2 years ago.
thanks you did good, but that start of this was after the cylinder head was redone with new valve guides because of a head gasket that was bad so that after being put back together no spark
Expert:  justinsbg replied 2 years ago.
So since the cylinder head was installed the engine doesn't have spark?