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Kyle N.
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I recently had Air Conditioner problems with my 2004 Honda

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I recently had Air Conditioner problems with my 2004 Honda Pilot. AC was not cooling and would blow warm air. Dealership replaced some gaskets & recharged the system. It was good for a while but then started losing its ability to cool again after a couple of months. Back to the dealer who used some dye and determined that the Evaporator core in the console that blows to the back seats had a leak and needed to be replaced. It was replaced and everything seems good so far but I've noticed that The air blowing out of the front vents is warmer than the air blowing from the center console unless I turn the temperature down at least 8 to 10 degrees lower than the outside temperature. For example if the outside temperature is 75 degrees (as indicated on the dashboard) then if I set the temperature to 70 degrees then the center console will blow cold air but the front vents will blow warm air until I turn the temperature down to about 65 or below. I can actually reach behind me and feel cold air coming out of the center console vent and feel warm (or at least not cold) air blowing from the front vents. What would cause the system to do that and what is the fix? What could I expect a dealer to charge to fix that assuming they won't fix it for free since I've paid for two repairs already?

Kyle N. :

Hi, my name is XXXXX XXXXX I'm a Honda expert. I'd be glad to help you with this problem.

Kyle N. :

From your description it sounds to me like the A/C system is undercharged. I would take it back to the dealer and have the system checked. When the system is undercharged the vents closer to the evaporator will be colder than the other vents. These Hondas generally don't have HVAC box door problems or anything but technically it could be something in the HVAC box too but I doubt that's the issue. Based on the fact it was charged recently I think it could have been undercharged originally OR it has a leak that the technician didn't catch when the work was done. These newer Hondas use less refrigerant and the nature of the refrigerant used (R134A) means it is very sensitive to charge amount. If it's charged a little more or less than it's suppose to it will not work as good. I would have it re-inspected at the dealer where the work was done previously. If it had dye installed before it should be easy to see if you have a leak OR if it's undercharged with a gauge set connected to the system. Hope that helps!


Thank you. I'll take this back to the dealer and now I know a possible cause and hope it's as simple as being undercharged.

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