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S2000: What should I do to an 02 S2000 thats been parked

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What should I do to an '02 S2000 that's been parked for a year before starting it up?
Check all the fluids. It is preferable to charge the battery outside the car but if not do not turn the key on while charging. If the gas is low add some fresh gas, the more the better since the old gas will have phase separation. If the fuel is full I would siphon off 8-10 gallons and replace it with fresh as it will have very little octane rating left. Start it, warm it up, check leaks and fluid levels. Change the oil as soon as you can and you should be good.
Customer: replied 3 years ago.

Hi Ted. I just checked and it's been closer to 2 yrs parked.



- Does any of your advice change?

- Make sense to just replace battery with fresh one?

- Any need to change oil before starting for first time?

- Add fuel injection cleaner?

- Any need to lube the cylinders?



You may find the battery will not take a charge if it has been sitting two years so a new one may be a good idea. It will be okay on the old oil for a short time. There is some moisture in there but it should burn off quickly once it gets to temp (they run hot). But the additives have probably broken down so do it as soon as you get a chance. Run the tires up to pressure and expect them to thump some till it gets driven a bit, although performance tires are less prone to flattening. The main issue is still going to be the fuel. Ethanol added fuel loses octane quickly so the less old gas in it the better. The only other thing is to avoid running the same RPM for a long period of time for the first 100 miles, just vary your speed and let everything reseat and get happy again before you run it hard or long.
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