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Honda Civic 1500: is there any fix for 2004 civic steering

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is there any fix for 2004 civic steering wander?

Steering wander is normally not an electronic problem, so that type of diagnostics with a scan tool doesnt show anything.

this requires a good old fashioned front end shakedown to thoroughly test and inspect the inner and outer tie rods, the rack and pinion mounting brackets and bushings, as well as the rack and pinion shaft to steering shaft connection.

If these are all good, then the control arm bushings need to be thoroughly inspected.

If a shop has done this, then you need another shop to do it as the first shop has missed something.

most of the time it is either in the rack and pinion shaft or inner tie rods
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

does this answer apply to the electrically centring Honda system?


Yes, it does. wander is a mechanical issue, not electronic. Yours still has rack and pinion unit, inner and outer tie rods and control arm bushings
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