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my 05 pilot 4x4 has some free play in the steering. I buy/sell

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my 05 pilot 4x4 has some free play in the steering. I buy/sell cars so I have some experience. The tires were rounded so i replaced the front ones. When you drive, you have to keep turning/adjusting the steering wheel right and left about 1/2 to an inch, especially if you are on a narrow rd. When curving it seems as if a bit more turning is needed to reach where i want to be, so about an inch more is needed. I can see it needs an alignment as she pulls to the right. Not sure if alignment can have anything to do with it. I replaced the front rotors and brakes as well since it needed it. But for a honda, I doubt this is how the steering stability is supposed to be, not as tight as it should be. 165k.
Hi Im Tom and Im here to assist you with you issue today there are a lot of issues with the front struts failing and causing this issue as well as the front sub frame can be crooked if the transmission was ever replaced were these checked?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

transmission never replaced. Is it easy to check and see if the frame is crooked? Front struts seem to be in very good condition as the ride is so smooth and no noises or bouncy issues, no leaks around the springs. also, i thought the noise of humming was coming from the tires, but even after replacing the tires the sound is there. increases with speed. similar to a bad bearing, sounds just like if u had a bad tire.

Ok if you have that noise then the issue is the wheel bearing causing all your issue and that will need to be replaced to fix this issue .Just make sure its installed correctly if its installed backwards you will get an abs light.As for the frame you will be able to tell on the alignment rack as well as the inner tie rod ends if they are bad.These are the next steps.Please rate excellent service so I can get credit for my help thanks.Bonuses greatly appreciated.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

ok lastly do you have instructions + pics on how to change the front wheel bearing. If I jack the car up and move the wheels at the 12 and 6 positions i should be able to see some play right? I can put it in drive and also see if there is any wobbling, making sure the 4X4 is not on right?

Correct .But the best way is to listen with a set of chassis ears up in the air to pinpoint the correct failed bearing .Most Hondas are the same procedure so this will help.
These are the next steps.Please rate excellent service so I can get credit for my help thanks.Bonuses greatly appreciated.
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Customer: replied 4 years ago.
mechanic checked it, no wheel bearing issues, no bushings issues,all look good. no crooked bars, i only replaced the front tires as they were bad. he told me to align it. i did this morning, the noise is still there as if it's the type of tires or a wheel bearing, there is still a slight pull to the right, but the stability has gotten better. do u know anything bout these numbers?
Front: total toe: before 0.36, actual 0.01, everything else was in green color.
Yes thats telling you there is something bent if its not in the green this is the issue correct .Not in the green correct?
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
no, all the red stuff has been corrected to green some are green before and after, so not much changed, but the toe on both front and left wheels were .16 and .20 and after the alignment in green are 0 for both.
Ok thats telling you the alignment is good can you post the entire reading the print out they gave you .
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
if struts, bushings, cross members, sway bars, wheel bearings, rotors, and brakes are all god, also tires are in very good shape, and neither the mechanic nor the alignment guy said or noticed anything abnormal, then why would it still pull to the right, have some free play in the steering and make a noise on the road? I don't think I can attach any pictures here, if you have a way for me to do it let me know or i can send it to an e-mail.
yes you can attach pictures or contact customer service and they will get them to me .Sounds like a wheel bearing or inner tie rod end issue .