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Honda Odyssey: How do I reset the ABS lights on 2005 Honda

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How do I reset the ABS lights on 2005 Honda Odyssey?
My ABS and VSA warning lights are on after changing a wheel bearing and CV-axle on right-front wheel. No other wheels were touched. I pulled the knuckle and had a shop press the bearing. The shop and AllData diagram confirm the bearing is oriented correctly (the black magnetic part facing towards the inside of the knuckle). Speed sensor appears undamaged. I removed the speed sensor and cleaned it again. A ODB2 scanner at the auto store shows codes 12-1 right front, 14-1 left front, 18-1 left-rear, 81-1 cpu, 61-1 High/Low +B-FSR Voltage. All I touched was the right-front wheel.
The brakes work good during a hard stop test, but no ABS-rumble kicked in when I think it should have (all the contents of back seat are now in the front seat area).
Before I start replacing parts, I want reset the ABS codes to see if the problem re-appears. I would prefer to perform a sequence of button/brake/ignition/etc. actions to reset the light, but I can't details for 2005 Honda Odyssey.
Can I reset the codes affecting ABS lights with a tool like this?
All Data just says "Clear the DTC." I'm concerned that the OBD2 won't clear ABS-related DTC codes. I know brakes are important. I intend to fix this correctly, but I'm looking for an answer other than scare-tactic, "This has to do with brakes, you gotta go to the dealer!". Please help if you can.
Ok heres the million dollar question these wheel bearings are magnetic and only can go in on way.I bet thats its in backwards and thats why the abs and vsa lights are on its not reading the sensor.We see this weekly from body shops and other shops.
Was this bearing bought at the dealer also was the sensor tested?Can not clear any codes until the fault is fixed.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

The timken bearing was purchased at


I have not yet tested the sensor.


Regarding clearing the codes.

Is there a sequence of button/brake/ignition/etc. actions to reset the codes?

Will the codes clear themselves once the problem is fixed?

There is no way to clear the codes .They will reset when the issue is fixed and the vehicle driven.Being this is an aftermarket wheel bearing I would bet thats the issue and you will need to install the Honda bearing if the sensor checks out ok.Aftermarket bearing do not work well at all and are not made correctly from what Ive seen over the years.These are the next steps.Remember Im here if you need any further assistance at all for anything just let me know.Please rate excellent service so I can get credit for my help thanks.Bonuses greatly appreciated .
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I replied asking for clarification. Did you get that message?

No please post again.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

1. You mentioned the bearing needs to be oriented correctly. What is the correct bearing orientation for a 2005 Honda Odyssey? Can you cite a reference? I'm calling the two sides "black" and "metal". The RockAuto link shows the "black" side. Which side faces the knuckle? vs. Which side faces the hub?


2. Can I test that a bearing is good/compatible? Right now, assuming the speed sensor is OK (I will test), I could be replacing good/new parts and hoping it works. Timken and RockAuto are at least as reputable as Honda. How do I tell the Timken bearing is bad? When I buy a bearing from Honda, how do I tell the Honda bearing is good?


3. Can you confirm the ODB2 tool will not reset the ABS codes?

Yes the system will not reset with the obd2 tester. The black rubber faces out so you need to get a known good bearing from honda if the sensor checks out. I would bet the bearing is bad. Remember that I'm here if you need any further assistance just let me know. Hoped this helped.Please rate excellent service so I can get Credit for my help thanks. Bonuses greatly appreciated.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can you cite a reference on the bearing orientation?

The All Data website seems to contradict what you are saying.


From All data, Vehicle » Transmission and Drivetrain » Drive Axles, Bearings and Joints » Wheel Bearing » Service and Repair » Front Suspension » Knuckle-Hub-Wheel Bearing Replacement


Step 22.


Press a new wheel bearing (A) into the knuckle (B) using the old bearing (C), a steel plate (D), the special tool, and a press. Place the wheel bearing on the knuckle with the magnetic encoder side (black color) facing toward the inside. Be careful not to damage the magnetic encoder.

This should help.
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