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Category: Honda
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our 2000 accord v-6 transmission wiil work normally for weeks

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our 2000 accord v-6 transmission wiil work normally for weeks on end then all of a sudden after starting and placing it i drive it will bog down b/4 upshifting. when coming to a stop it will feel like you have put the brake on . The dealer supposedly replaced it under recall. Currently it has 145657 miles on it. Today it did te same thing on an errand . Coming out of store and restarting it it then ran fine. ? whats wrong.

jimhondatech :

hey its jim, i'm here to help you out, is the check engine light on, have you had the fluid changed recently, let me know, jim


Jim and 4 other Honda Specialists are ready to help you
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
The check engine light is not on . No the trans fluid has not been changed lately it does not appear burned or smell burned and its full
hey its jm, it sounds like it might failing internaly again or there is pressure switch problem, the pressure switches do not turn on the check engine light, the computer will have to be scanned to find out if there is a pressure switch code, has the d4 light ever flashed, let me know jim
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
Where is the pressure switch ? is tere a scanner like obdii ?i don't know what a D4 light is can you explain ?
ok, there are 4 pressure switches, the d4 light is the one on the dash when you shift into drive, has it ever flashed, does it light up, sometimes the bulb burns out , autozone might be able to scan the transmision for trouble codes, we need to see if there are any trouble codes before i can procede with helping you properly diagnose your issue, i hope this helps info helps, let me know, jim
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
No the D4 has not flashed. Where can i purchase a scanner as autozone in Calif no longer provides this service because of the state law which classifies that type of service as an auto repair shop which they are not. Is the scanner the same as an obdii ?

i didn't know that, leave it to governmet to make it life harder, we are now at the mercy of the repair shop, most of the cheapy obd2 scanners will not scan the transmission, now we are stuck going to the dealer, there scanner will be able to check the transmission, i wish i had better news, i can't help you without a code,sorry, thanks for your patience, keep me posted, i track all my questions so i have a data base for further reference, if you feel like i helped you rate my service, thanks jim

Customer: replied 4 years ago.
I'll get back to you

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