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Jim, Honda Master Tech
Category: Honda
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Experience:  18 yr honda tech, 30 yr experience, 13 ase master tech
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Honda Civic: I have a 2001 Honda civic coupe extreme ex my

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I have a 2001 Honda civic coupe extreme ex my engine light came on so I took it to auto zone and they said sensor 1 malfunction cause open or short circuit condition poor electrical connection faulty af censor 1 and eld circuit high input cause: open or circuit condition failed ECM ...can u translate and tell me the estimated cost
hi this is jim, i'm here to help you out, it sounds like you have 2 trouble codes, first the eld code should be a p1298, eld stands for eletrical load detector, it watches the alternator and tells the ecm what eletrical load is needed, it is located in the underhood fuse box, very common failure, the other code sounds like 02 sensor one which is located in the exhaust manifold, the first sensor you see, also a very common failure, the dealer will the eld, its screws into the fuse box, the 02 is expensive, watch the aftermarket parts a lot of times they won't work right, any more questions let me know, thanks jim
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
What is the estimated cost and why won't the car start will I need a new alternator & battery?
the eld is cheap about 30.00, the o2 sensor is about 225.00, what does it do when you try to start it, will it crank and not start or not crank at all and what led up to it not starting, let me know
Customer: replied 4 years ago.
It was hard to start at 1st like a bad battery tried to boost it still won't start
so with a jump it just cranks and won't start, correct, is this problem new, i need as much info as you can give me, like have you been driving it everyday, any hard starting before the no start, there are a bunch of reasons it won't start, let me know, i'm trying to help you and i don't want to guess, thanks jim
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