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Honda CR-V EX: 2000 honda crv slips between gears if you "gun"

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2000 honda crv slips between gears if you "gun" it. No problem if you take it easy. Had the timing belt changed 6 months ago. Is it the transmission?

Hello My name isXXXXX'll assist you today.

I'm sorry to hear about your truck, If the transmission is full and you're felling the transmission slipping between gear you may have a worn out bands on the transmission and the trans has to be rebuild, Honda has a lot of problem is transmissions they increase the coverage ton 8 years or 80K miles on the transmissions.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

  1. So, can I just drive carefully until this fall? That's when I can take it in. I'm at a summer job now, and need the car.

  2. Also, how much $$? The car does have ~120,000 miles on it.

  3. Should it be done at the dealer, or do you think a local garage with a good reputation can do the job?

(Do you want me to ask these questions one at a time? I think the package I bought lets me have 5 questions. Thanks!)
Any transmission shop can do this job,about driving you can drive until the truck basic stop moving, just keep local no long trips, about prices around $2500. thanks and good luck