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2008 honda: instrument cluster..speedo and tach displays iratic info

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I have a 2008 Honda crv with a bad instrument cluster. The LCD panel between the speedo and tach displays iratic info. Most of the time you can't read anything. The dealer wants the car for 1-2 weeks and about $750 to replace it. I can see clusters on eBay for $150, that must come out of totaled vehicles. I can find one with very similar miles to what I actually have, within 1,000, and want to just replace my bad cluster. What are the implications in doing this? Will a used panel work in the car? Will anyone ever be able to tell I changed the cluster? My intent is to replace it with an cluster with very similar miles, this isn't about lowering my mileage. I need to be able to see things like how much gas I have, and paying $750 to get that back is just too high.

Auto_Enlightenment : Hello there, I am a Master Automobile Technician certified by Honda and ASE. I can help you with the problem you are having with your Honda!
Auto_Enlightenment : Give me a moment to look something up, thanks!
Customer: Ok
Auto_Enlightenment :

Palo Alto Speedometer, Inc.

718 Emerson Street

Palo Alto, CANNN-NN-NNNN/p>

Auto_Enlightenment :

Sorry posted that before I was ready, more info. coming.

Customer: As you think about this, what is your degree of confidence that the problem I am describing is in the cluster?
Customer: No problem on that info
Auto_Enlightenment :

Ok, so you should be able to take a used gauge assembly and just plug it in and go. Usually with anew gauge assembly, a dealer can hook up the scan tool and transfer the maintenance and odometer data from the old gauge to the new gauge. We can not write data to a used gauge assembly though. That company name and address that I posted is a Speedomoeter shop that Honda recommends which can write odometer data to the gauge but I'm not sure if they will write to a used gauge. If you want, it couldn't hurt to call and ask them. Otherwise, just follow your original plan and just plug it in with whatever mileage is already written to it. It will work fine.

Auto_Enlightenment :

I am positive that the gauge is the culprit here. Replacing it will fix what you describe.

Customer: That sounds great. Calling them too is a good idea. I wouldn't mind sending the new used one there just to be able to say I synced them. If I switch it, and let's assume I am really not a cheat, will anyone ever be able to tell I swapped it out?
Customer: I did catch that they might not be able to over write the data on a used cluster.
Auto_Enlightenment :

Yeah, it's worth a try. No one will be able to tell the difference.

Auto_Enlightenment :

If you'd like, I can post the instructions for the Gauge Self Diagnostics but it really just checks that all the needles, beeper, lcd segments, etc are working properly.

Customer: So to confirm. You believe that the problem I am describing in the LCD with garbled data being displayed is highly likely to be solved with a new cluster, and a new used cluster put in the car will work fine, with no programming needed, where no one will be able to tell the difference.
Auto_Enlightenment :

I would be interested in seeing the results of the section titled "The Communication Line Check" in the Gauge Self Diagnostics. This step verifies communication with other computers in the cars network.

Customer: How do I get the communication verified as you suggested.
Auto_Enlightenment :

You are correct but to calrify, when you say"garbled", do you just mean all the lcd segments light up in random patterns that make no sence?

Auto_Enlightenment :

I'll post the instructions shortly.

Customer: Yes, the LCD lights up. Sometimes you can read most of what it normally displays. Most times you can see a part of the underlying info, say gas gauge, odometer, etc, but most times the info is just garbled. It also used to flicker, but that seems to have stopped. The problem has Ben around for about 3 months.
Auto_Enlightenment :

Here they are. The pictures didn't show up for some reason but you don't really need them. Just follow the instructions closely to get into the Self-Diag mode.

Customer: Ok. Other than this, every spect of the car works fine.
Customer: So if I go do that self check now, do I report that back to you to confirm what we think is wrong?
Auto_Enlightenment :

Yep, what you describe sounds exactly like a bad cluster. This Self Diag test will verify this in the "The LCD Segment Check" test.

Auto_Enlightenment :

Yeah that sounds good. If you need any help removing/installing the Gauge Assembly, let me know and I will be glad to help you!

Customer: Ok. I will go run that test now. Back shortly. Thanks
Auto_Enlightenment :

No, Thank You!

Auto_Enlightenment :

I've got to step away for a bit myself but will be back shortly.

Customer: I am in the car running that test. Not sure what I am looking for. The entire dash is blinking at me. The LCD is lit up, but mostly garbled. I could text a picture if that is of value.
Customer: Just making sure you got that last question from me. I was in the car with a weak wireless connection. If not let me know and I can resend.
Customer: I do also have pictures on my phone if you want to see them.
Auto_Enlightenment :

During the test, the LCD segments should blink 5 times then they will all remain on so if they are still garbled then the LCD circuit/segments are bad and replacing the Gauge Assembly will fix it.

Customer: I will go check that 5 blinks and then steady on. It might have been doing that. I know it remained on until I turned the key off. Back in about 3 min.
Customer: Just redid the test. The LCD does blink 5 times and then it remains on. The speedo and tach needle cycle all the way possible clockwise and then settle back to zero. The other lights surrounding the tach and speedo blink on/off until I shut the ignition switch off.
Auto_Enlightenment :

So, it sounds like everything in the Gauge is working as designed EXCEPT for the LCD screen. A new Gauge Assembly will definitely fix your problem.

Customer: Terrific. Appreciated your logic in going about this and advice. Thanks. Jim
Auto_Enlightenment :

No problem! I'm glad I could help you and moreimportantly save you from spending $750 on the repair. Let me know if you need any help with swapping the clusters and I will be glad to walk you through it.

If you are happy with my assistance, Please click ACCEPT so I can be fairly compensated for my time. Also, Postivie feedback is greatly appreciated since my success is a direct reflection of my reputation. Thanks again for allowing me to assist you!

Customer: Pushing accept now. Nice work.

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