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Honda Accord EX: I have an 1995 honda accord ex , 2.2 vtec

Resolved Question:

I have an 1995 honda accord ex , 2.2 vtec , and it has an emgine start problems , it starts only when pumping in gas , and its after several try , the cheks engine light comes on as well
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  Eric replied 5 years ago.

once it starts, how does it idle - smoothly, rough, erratic idle?

does it matter whether engine is cold or hot when this occurs?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
Ok it doesnt want to start in cold and in hot start as well , and after starts ( cranking and pumping om gas more than five time ) the idle is correct , the needle are not fluctuating and it drives good no miss firing or roughness, only the start is the problem , it doesnt want to start with just turning the keys on.....
Expert:  Eric replied 5 years ago.

Ok, the most common problem is a faulty fuel pressure regulator.

it is located on the fue rail:



Attach a fuel pressure gauge to the service port of
the fuel filter (see page 11-92).
Pressure should be;
265-314 kPa (2.7-3.2 kgf/cm2, 38-46 psi)
(with the fuel pressure regulator vacuum hose disconnected
and pinched)
2. Reconnect the vacuum hose to the fuel pressure
3. Check that the fuel pressure rises when the vacuum
hose from the fuel pressure regulator is disconnected
If the fuel pressure did not rise, replace the fuel
pressure regulator.

IF you dont have a fuel pressure gage, a good(but not conclusive test) test is to remove the vacuum hose from the pressure regulator. If there is any fuel in it, then its bad.

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