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what are the signs of power steering pump going bad? thanks.

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what are the signs of power steering pump going bad? thanks.
I WOULD LIKE TO THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING JUST ANSWER, AND FOR ALLOWING ME THE OPPORTUNITY TO ASSIST YOU WITH YOUR AUTOMOTIVE CONCERNS.One sign is that the steering wheel will be harder to turn when vehicle is not moving and you have to raise the engine rpms so that it turns easier. Second is a lot of growling noise from the power steering pump, more so when trying to turn the vehicle (make sure fluid is at full level first) Thanks
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Customer: replied 5 years ago.
could you give OEM part number for it and steps to install new pump. thanks.
I dont have access to the part number today,(any parts house can look it up by application, or VIN #, Have you verified that it is the pump that is bad, and not the rack and pinion (steering gear)?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
went to Firestone they said humming/whining noise while driving is coming from power steering pump ( test drove and use Stethoscope to listen to the pump ). do you have access to install steps for new pump? thanks.
Did you get a pump with resivore or with out?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
haven't bought it yet, i was looking for OEM part number first. just gonna buy the pump.
Im sending you some pics and info for replClick image to see an enlarged viewacing the pump, Thanks

2001-2006 Models
  1. Remove the negative battery cable.
  2. Place a suitable container/catch pan under the vehicle.
  3. Loosen the adjusting bolt.
  4. Break loose the mounting bolts and nuts and remove the power steering belt, or release the tension from the belt auto tensioner and remove the serpentine drive belt.
  5. Cover the A/C compressor for Accord or alternator for Prelude, with shop rags to prevent any fluid from spilling into it.
    NOTESpilling power steering fluid into the alternator assembly can damage the unit.
  6. Detach the pump inlet and outlet hoses, then plug them to avoid getting debris in the system.
    NOTEPower steering fluid will destroy your vehicle-s paint. Use caution and clean up all spills immediately.
  7. Remove the power steering pump mounting bolts, then pull the pump from the vehicle.
    WARNINGOn Prelude models, do not turn the steering wheel with the pump removed.
  8. Cover the open ends of the pump, with tape, to prevent foreign material from entering the openings.
Click image to see an enlarged view