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Involved in replacing a starter on a 2008 Honda Accord 4 cylinder car

Customer Question

What is involved in replacing a starter on a 2008 Honda Accord 4 cylinder car
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  BigBob replied 5 years ago.

BigBob :

Greetings and welcome to just answer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Expert:  BigBob replied 5 years ago.
The starter is located under the intake manifold, it will need to be removed to access it. Click here and here to see the procedure, this is a pretty big job if you do not have the experience.

Please let me know if I can help further,
Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks for your answer.

Although I am quite comfortable with working with engine accesories, I never dealt with removing an intake manifold. I have already purchased the replacement starter, but I think that from the looks of the manifold r&r, I should bring the car to a mechanic. How much time should a job like this take?

To verify my diagnostic about why I'm changing the starter, My wife who was using the car, experienced the failure. After she parked the car, she shut off the engine for a few minutes. She then had to start it again and it wouldn't turn over. When she turned the key to start, the lights in the car dimmed as if the battery was dead. I jumped the battery and the car started right up. I shut it down and removed the jumper. The car started upjust fine after that with no more trouble. I suspect that there is a bad spot in the starter motor. The battery is 4 years old. I am planning to replace the battery as well for reliability. What do you think?

Expert:  BigBob replied 5 years ago.
This "sounds" more like a battery issue. So it is the original battery then right? I would definitely change the battery first. Even when jumping usually the starter will still not work when the starter is bad. Also the dim lights tells me battery, usually if it is a starter the lights will not dim. Try the battery first and see if is better, if it is take the starter back.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

Thanks, Bob

I am an Avionics technician by trade, and I have worked with electronics allof my career.

Intermittant electrical problems are notoriously hard to find. It does seem prudent to start with the easiest soloution first.I will try the battery first. Ifthat doesn't solve the problem, I will change the starter. By the way, at first I was intimidated by the thought of removing the intake manifold. I guess with more information it won't be so bad. Does the manifold R&R involve tork settings and new gasgets? that wasn't mentioned.


Expert:  BigBob replied 5 years ago.