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2002 honda accord: D4..started flashing..she wont shift..trans

Resolved Question:

Hi I have a 2002 honda accord with about 98k miles. The D4 light just started flashing and she won't shift above 2nd. Us this usually a major trans. Issue or is there possibly a simpler issue? Thanks very much. Hugh
Submitted: 5 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  Rmldaytona replied 5 years ago.

Rmldaytona :

Hello. Thank you for using Just Answer. I will give my best efforts in answering your question to achieve your full satisfaction. This transmission is a computer controlled unit. This means that the computer controls the shifting of the transmission by using calculations derived from numerous of engine and transmission sensors. If the computer does not have the proper sensor readings, it will place the transmission into a limp mode. This mode generally will be noticed with a D4 flashing light and a transmission shift difference. The shifting of the transmission will be dependent on the problem that the computer has noticed. The fact that the D4 light is flashing will alone tell you that the computer has detected an unusual sensor reading and will limit the trasmission's range of capabilities to protect it from further damage. The problem can be a faulty pressure, speed, engine sensor or a sensor that is actually detecting a problem in the transmission operating characteristics. The first thing to do here is to retrieve the stored trouble codes in the transmission computer. Then, depending on the trouble code(s) the diagnostic procedure will vary widely from that point. Even though these transmissions are known to be problemsome. Internal transmission problems are generally noticed as an progressive onset of numerous symptoms such as slipping, harsh shifts, shudders, and vibration rather than a sudden loss of shifting. An immediate loss of shifting will generally lead me to believe that an electrical/electronic problem is present rather than an internal transmission failure.

Rmldaytona :

This transission is quite sensitive to the fluid quality. So, a clean Honda ATF (ONLY) filled transmission will have a much longer life than a transmission that has never been filled or filled with the incorrect fluid. Fluid drain and refills are generally done every 30K miles or as needed to keep the fluid a nice red color. Brown and discolored fluid will damage the transmission. So, you can check the fluid condition and this will also shed some light on the problem.

Rmldaytona :

The most common problem causing your described symptom is a faulty pressure sensor for the 2nd clutch. There are 4 of these sensors. Since your unit will not shift fast 2nd gear, I would suggest a problem with the 2nd sensor or the 2nd clutch. But again, internal problems are generally noticed as a progressive onset of symptoms in shift quality rather than an immediate loss of shifting.

Rmldaytona :

I strive to provide the best answers possible. If you need further help, have any questions, or need
clarification about anything regarding this topic... Please feel free to ask by replying and I will give my best efforts to help you until your full satisfaction is achieved. However, if my answer was helpful and you are satisfied... I ask that you accept my answer so I may be compensated. Experts do not have funds transferred to their account unless the customer accepts. Your satisfaction is my main priority and I strive to provide the best service so please ask if there is anything else I
could help you with

Customer: Thanks very much. Are the shift/clutch sensors internal or are they accessible from the outside is trans.
Rmldaytona :

They are external to the transmission. If you provide with your VIN#, I can post a location of the sensors/switches if you would like.

Customer: I just pulled the OBD code and am getting a code P 1751 and the d4 is also flashing. Could this be a solenoid malfxn or something more serious requiring trans replacement. The vin is 1hgcg32512a012174 thx very much
Rmldaytona :

This code is for a TCC (Torque Converter Clutch) Mecanical Malfunction. This is indeed the worst case scenario.

Rmldaytona :

1. These transmission had a high failure rate and had a 7 year 100,000 mile warranty extension from Honda (Honda TSB #02-062). Honda has been replacing the transmission at times even if the vehicle has over 100,000 miles. Check fluid level and condition first.

2. If the fluid is OK, then suspect metal contamination in the transmission causing the transmission to slip or a failed seal. The most common problem is the carrier bearing failed and contaminated the transmission with metal. If the shift solenoid is sticking mechanically then where is the metal; coming from? Honda does not suggest solenoid replacement if the vehicle has over 20,000 miles or has been rebuilt once before.

Customer: Thank you. To honda dealer I go. How is Honda about assisting with repair from your experience?
Rmldaytona :

Honda is the best when it comes to standing behind it's products. However, due to the recent geological problems in Japan, the economy worries, and other events... Honda is facing a shortage in parts and is having significant financial difficulties which have spread through out the Japanese vehicle lines. You might have picked the worst time to ask for leniency from Honda. But, you still have a good shot at having some kind of labor reimbusement for the repairs. When speaking with the dealer representatives, be professional, pleasant, and never lose your temper. That will get you NOWHERE fast. Instead, work your way up the dealership leadership ladder until you end up at the Honda customer website. Keep all recurds, names, and times you have spoken with each indivisual as this will aid your case if the dealership kicks your claim back at you. After all, the extended warranty for the transmission is only 7 years. You are past that... so you are asking THEM for help.

Customer: Thank very much for the excellent advice. Hugh
Rmldaytona :

You are quite welcome. If you have any further questions regarding this matter, I encourage you to ask. However, I do ask that once fully satisfied with the answers I have provided you Accept so I may be properly compensated. Thanks.

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