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Honda Accord EX 04 Honda Accord door locks not working. We

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04 Honda Accord door locks not working. We have automatic door locks and they have stopped working. When we try to lock/unlock the doors with the keyless remote the door locks do not respond. However if we use the button on the armrest the front passanger and back right door will lock. The back driver side door never locks we have to lock it manualy. After we lock all of the doors then the keyless remote will activate the alarm and the horn will beep. Also if we push down on the driver side front door lock it will lock all the doors except the back driver side door. To recap 1. if we use the arm rest button this will unlock/lock all the doors except the back left door. 2. If we use the keyless remote it will not lock/unlock any door. 3. the left back door does not respond to any command.
Does anyone know what might be causing this??
Any ideas would be great thank you!
Ok the entire issue is the rear drivers door lock actuator . It's shorted out and causing the circuit not to be completed . This will need to be replaced about 250 parts and labor at a shop double at the dealer. These are the next steps to fix this issue . Hoped this helped. Positive feedback and bonuses greatly appreciated.
Customer: replied 6 years ago.
Ok thank you for the response. Is this a dificult part to replace my self. I have always repaired my cars in the past but have not done a Lock actuator. Also something i forgot to mention is that the rear drivers door can not be opened from the inside. it can only be opened from the outside. We have checked the child lock and it is in the correct position. thank you!
Ok that can be caused by the actuator or broken lock rod. Here's how to change the actuator . If you take your time you will have no issues.
Hoped this helped. Positive feedback and bonuses greatly appreciated.
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