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Honda Accord How much should strut replacement (all 4 wheels)/alignment

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How much should strut replacement (all 4 wheels)/alignment cost on my 2000 honda accord?

Do you want to know dealer prices?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
No, I'm more likely to take it to an independent shop. I've had bad experiences with Honda dealers gouging on service around here. What do you think?

I agree mainly because it's a lot cheaper to just buy them aftermarket from like Monroe, KYB, Bilstien, etc...

I can get you real close on the parts and i can give you the labor time but the labor total cost will all depend on how much the shop charges per hour,,,average is $75-$100 for an independent and at least $125 for the dealer.

Let me know if this is a 2 or 4 door model and i will look it up.
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
It's a 4-door model. By the way, the strut replacement was recommended by the shop I took it to today because of the uneven wear on rear tires - I'm taking it to another shop tomorrow to get a verdict on that call. I wanted to check on prices, though, because the figure the shop quoted me seemed really high.
I sure understand that :-)

If they are the original ones and it has over 100K on it, you should pretty much count on replacing them. They have lasted the average life expectancy anyway and they sure will contribute to tire wear.

The front ones run about $100-$125 each and the labor calls for right at around 1 hour apiece.

The rears run about $75-100 each and the labor comes in at 1.5 hours for both sides.

So lets say they charge $100 per hour. The fronts should be around $450 MAX and actually i would think it would be less.....

And the rears about $350 MAX...again i would expect it to be less.

An alignment around $54

That my friend will get you real close to the MAX they should much did they quote?
Customer: replied 5 years ago.
They quoted me $1480 for struts/alignment. It smelled fishy to me, so here I am.

That is dealers prices, maybe even a bit higher!

I think you might want to get another shop to quote you. That is just plain too much!

If you have further questions at all feel free to reply. Please remember we use an honor system and you have to click on accept so i receive credit for assisting you.
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