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Honda Accord What is a reasonable price to replace the transmission

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What is a reasonable price to replace the transmission on a 2004 Accord V6? This replacement should be warranted for 1-5yrs.

Ok, for a factory replacement from Honda, installed at the Honda dealership, parts and labor will run right at $6500.

At an independent shop using a unit remanfactured by an independent supplier, then parts and labor will run right at $4500.

This is a very common problem on the 1998-2004 Accords, so much so that Honda extended the warranty to 7yrs 9 months or 109,000 miles. The fault code for the TCC(torque converter clutch) solenoid is set due to no internal filter in the transmission which allows for the normal debris from band/clutch wear to clog the torque converter, front pump, and valve body.

Having said that, the first step is to contact Honda America Corporate offices at 1-800-999-1009. Because of the well known problems and warranty extension, Honda has been great about absorbing most of the cost of transmission replacements. I have referred at least 30 of my regular customers to them, and in every case the customer has received significant help in reducing the cost of the replacement.
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