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2008 Honda Pilot: a check engine light..misfires..valves..000 miles

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I have a 2008 Honda Pilot with a check engine light yesterday. It has 44000 miles.
The Honda dealership maintenance says it misfires although we never felt anything.
They want to adjust the engine valves although this procedure is normally done at
100,000 miles. Does this sound abnormal to you? What may cause this need so early?
Thank you,

Steve :

There are 2 things they should be doing. there is some service information regarding misfire codes. Along with the valve adjustment they should be doing a PCM(engine computer) reprogramming. It is not that abnormal if Honda does have some service information for the technicians on this. from my experience with Hondas, the valves usually tighten with age and you will never know because they will not get noisy.


Thank you for the information Steve. I just needed to bounce this problem off some one


other than the dealership.

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