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What Honda cars have power passenger seats with vertical lift

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What Honda cars have power passenger seats with vertical lift as well as standard adjustments?


Most have some sort of lift (late models that is) if you mean the base cushion can be moved vertically up and down. Hope that helps.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.
I am talking about a power verticle lift that allows the seat base to be raised a few inches to assist entry and exit from the car. The Toyota Avalon has such a feature and I am wondering if it is available on any Honda cars. Elderly passengers find seats in cars generally too low for comfort. The Rav and CRV are too high. Do you know of any cars other than the Avalon that have this feature?

Hondas have a similar feature. It will generally allow a little adjustment up/down of the seat base. I would suggest visiting a local dealer and try them out first. I've had a few customers on here in the past who were asking if the seat could be modified because they couldn't adjust it to where they liked it enough. It's a whole lot easier to find the seat doesn't work for you before you buy one.

Look at the Accord or Accord Crosstour if you want a bigger more SUV like vehicle but with a car's handling and gas mileage.

I'm pretty sure you'll find the Avalon and Accord to be similar as for as that feature you're looking for.

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