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What is a Honda Civic clutch replacement cost?

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What is the price range to replace the clutch on a 2003 two-door Honda Civic with 65,000 miles?

Hello and welcome,

It calls for around 4-5 hours labor plus parts. Depending on which shop you take it to, will determine the labor costs. Parts run around $200.


If you have further questions feel free to reply.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

The problem is a 'shuddering' sometimes when releasing the clutch. The clutch does not seem to be slipping. This happened (the symptoms) at about 30K miles. Some hydraulic part was replaced and it was OK.

How to differentiate whether it is something hydraulic or whether the clutch actually NEEDS to be replaced. I am also curious about the cost of replace the alternator. I was charged $600! $365 for the alternator and $250 for labor.

The shudder is most often caused from the flywheel and clutch mating surfaces being warped form all the heat generated from the high friction between the 2 parts. But in order to resurface the flywheel the clutch has to come out, and with 65,000 miles it would be to your best interest to just replace the clutch while it is out.

As far as the alternator is concerned, it costs around $345 from the dealer for a new one and about 1.5 hours labor, so that sounds about right except the labor is a bit high, but it all depends on what they charge per hour, usually $125 is average.

Customer: replied 6 years ago.

Any thoughts about needing a clutch at 65K miles. It is actually my daughter's car. I taught her how to drive stick from scratch (on my BMW!) - this was 17 years ago. She is a great driver and operates the clutch just as it should.


To be honest with you, unless the shudder gets to bad to live with, we have seen these clutches last for quite some time with this issue, but usually not more than 100,000 miles. And of course it all depends on driving conditions such as in town or hiway miles. If mainly intown driving the clutch is used more often and will wear quicker.

Nice working with you!

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