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Honda man
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2008 Honda Accord: all the dash lights starting blinking..dim

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I have a 2008 Honda Accord V6 30k miles. When I turned it on this morning all the dash lights starting blinking. Going dim to less dim and so on. The car drove fine, no issues. I restarted a few times and car running fine. No gauges work, and it looks like a disco in my car. The radio and center console on the dashboard are fine. Just in front on the driver it is not working, just blinking. My turn signals turn on correctly. I tried to set cruise control, it worked , but lights did not turn on. I cannot see if I have gas, what speed I am going or what my mileage is. Any ideas?

Honda man :

Hello, I would love to help you with any Honda or automotive questions.

Honda man :

souonds like the battery is weak, does the engine crank slower than normal?

Honda man :

I would have the battery load tested, like any electronic devise if the voltage is not corret the cars computer systems do not boot up correctly. To varify, hook up a jumper cables to a running car and start yours and if the lights do not blink ect it would be safe to say you need a battery.

Customer: The car was parked for 3 days is negative 30 degree weather. My husband commented last night it was slow to start. Then today when I got in the car it was slow to start too. I noticed that the lights kinda came on full blast. (normal) then went to the blinking. My battery is the original that came with the car. Could the severe cold in Colorado have done this to the battery? I will try jumping now. Have to get a neighbor to help.
Customer: Ok I jumped it. Same lights flashing. I am letting car run while connected for a few minutes to see if anything changes.
Honda man :

I am still think you need a battery, you have a 2008 and this is 2011 and you are in extreme cold, this will make short life out of a battery

Customer: Still no luck. Bummer. Would disconnecting the battery cables to reset it help? Also noticed the VSA light is staying lit. And it could just be me.
Customer: But I'm thinking I am spinning out a lot. Normally something kicks in to help you up a hill. Traction control is working. I tried spinning out and that grinding noise started.
Honda man :

VSA is from the spinning and should reset when you drive for a bit, I would try to disconnect the battery and let it sit for a few mins and then reconnect. Befor you do this do you have the radio code?

Customer: I do. 15312
Customer: Good thinking. I've Been there before
Honda man :

well I will be back in a few if you need me, but do the battery disconnect for a few mins reconnect and try it out.

Customer: Ok. I'm going try. Might be 30 mins before I get back in here
Honda man :


Customer: It worked!!!! Why do you think this happened?!
Honda man :

The voltage in your cars battery is enough for you to start the engine but not proper voltage to boot the computer that controles all of the insturments and gauges. (just think like this if your electeric goes out in your home computer needs to be rebooted) I would replace your cars battery ASAP and maybe check to see if you can get some kind of pro-rate if you have any kind of warranty left.

Honda man :

any thing else I can do for you tonight?

Customer: That's a good idea. Thank you. I'm all set. I appreciate the help.
Honda man :

great please accept and leave feedback......

Customer: I will! Thanks so much!
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