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Steve, Honda Mechanic
Category: Honda
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Experience:  13+ years with Honda,ase certified over 25 years
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Honda CRV My battery went dead, and after replacing it, the

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My battery went dead, and after replacing it, the radio doesn't work.

Steve :

you will need a radio anti-theft code to turn it back on. You might find a white sticker in the glove box with numbers on it. a 5 digit number is XXXXX radio code and a longer number is XXXXX serial number for the radio. I can get you the code from the serial number.

JACUSTOMER-eg3f580o- :

I'll go look.....Can't find any numbers on anything in glove box

JACUSTOMER-eg3f580o- :

I found one number on a sticker under the hood.

JACUSTOMER-eg3f580o- :


JACUSTOMER-eg3f580o- :

What now

Steve :

that is the vehicle serial number. I would need the radio serial number. Try this:

1. Turn the ignition switch to ON (II).

2. Turn on the audio unit, and make sure you see

COdE in the display. If you don’t see this

message, remove the backup fuse for

1 minute, and then go back to step 1.

3. Turn off the audio unit.

4. Press and hold the 1 and 6 preset buttons,

then turn on the audio unit. The display

toggles between two screens. The first screen

displays a U and the first four digits of the

serial number (for example, U2200). The

second screen displays an L and the last four

digits of the serial number (for example,

L0055). Ignore the U and L, and write down

all eight digits.

Post the numbers here and I should be able to supply the code for you

JACUSTOMER-eg3f580o- :


Steve :

Ok. i will have the number shortly.

JACUSTOMER-eg3f580o- :

Thank you

Steve :

the radio code would be 34464 for that serial umber.

JACUSTOMER-eg3f580o- :

How do I do it?

Steve :

When you turn the radio on just use the radio preset buttons to enter the numbers. It will then beep and turn back on. If it beeps before you enter the last number just stop and start with the first number again.

JACUSTOMER-eg3f580o- :

Thank you, XXXXX XXXXX are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Judi

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