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2003 honda accord ex: the gear shift button crumbled yesterday..park

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i have an 2003 honda accord ex. the gear shift button crumbled yesterday so that now my car is stuck in park. i ordered a new knob and button but in order to get the old one off it shows that i need to get it in 1st. well there is no way that i can see to get it out of park. the tranny lock key cant operate cause it says that i need to depress the button to gain access. the whole button has crumbled into so many peices that i cant put it back together. i put a finger in the hole and i can not feel any release inside to get it out of park. please help


You'll have to remove the two screws and remove the handle part of the shifter then push down on the part on top of the shaft and it will release. Here is a picture,



Customer: replied 6 years ago.

the screws are almost impossible to get to with the angle i have to put the screwdriver into the console opening and the screws are extremely stuck. should i use a lubricant aka wd40 to help get them out? a regular screwdriver is the the best option?


I use a stubby screwdriver of high quality (snap on) and it will come out. It has to be a #2 phillips. You could get away with a craftsman stubby and put a pair of locking pliers on the handle to break it loose. It has locktite on the threads so it's hard to remove. Hope that helps. WD40 you can try but I don't think it will help much. You have to just break them loose. It's VERY important to use a #2 phillips. If it's really stuck you can get a tube of valve grinding compound and dip the tip of the screwdriver in the stuff then try. That compound will help grip the head better.
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