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MASTER TECH, Honda Service Technician
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2005 Honda: air conditioner..cold start..gas, the air blows hot air

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Hi, I have a 2005 Honda Odyssey with an air conditioner problem. The air is cold and works well when you start the car from a cold start. However, if you start the car when it's hot, like after you have gotten gas, the air blows hot air. Everything else works normally concerning the air such as the buttons and controls. If you let the car cool off the air will work again. Any ideas?

Thanks, Scott
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master tech :

hello welcome to the site

master tech :

I am master tech and will be able to assist you on this. the first step is to have this system's pressures checked this is a real common problem when the system is low and has moisture in it.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
I'll accept the idea that it may not work due to low pressures. Why does it only happen when the car is hot? Why is it that it's either working great or not at all?

the systems when under a low pressures or high moisture content in the system will act different when the ambient temps are high.

their could be another issue but until the pressures are known this is the first step in knowing this.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.

Ok, I appreciate the information and that's what I'll do. Obviously, if the pressures are good I'll still be looking for an answer.


Thanks, XXXXX XXXXX that is the issue.




yes we will continue .

this would then get into some sensor testing and climate control testing.