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1998 Honda civic hx. Rough idle and sometimes will stall.

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1998 Honda civic hx. Rough idle and sometimes will stall. This problem has been off and on for a few years but would rarely stall, now its stalling frequently. A few key points- I have the manual and did the check for the iacv (unplug while running, should stall, it does). Also, if I start it cold and don't touch it the idle it comes down perfect and doesn't fluctuate, if I just tap on the gas, it revs up then comes down way too low, sometimes stalling. Also, the rpms will drop if I put on the headlight or press the brake. Any ideas?
Does the car start right back up after it stalls?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes, sometimes a little hesitation.
OK is the check engine light on?Does the idle always fluctuate?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.

check engine light is on, has been since the first time the idle caused the car to stall (3+ years ago). Tech said piston misfire- but that it was probably something else. Fluctuation went away, so I just let it be...


Seems to fluctuate a bit when there is an electrical load applied (ie. brakes, headlights), but the real low idle that can cause a stall will go away for months at a time.

OK this can be from a few different issue.Could b a problem with the charging system.Could be an ignition switch issue there was a recall on this .Could also be a vacuum leak problem or throttle position sensor issue which will cause this exact issue.I would check these next starting with the throttle position sensor.I would also have the car scanned to see what code is still stored that will also tell you where there is an issue .This is the next step of what needs to be done.

Hoped this helped.

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