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2005 Honda: automatic..engage..a few seconds, then disengage

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2005 Honda Odyssey: automatic rear sliding door. The power lock will engage for a few seconds, then disengage and the door pops out slightly at the back. While in gear, the "open door" alarm sounds. Tested while driving, the door does not open because the front latch is working, though the door is still not completely secure. All latches and moving parts were cleaned. Contacts, pins, etc. were cleaned. No excess debris was found in or around the door tracks, and even these were cleaned just in case. After searching online, I attempted to remove and replace various different fuses hoping something would reset in the electrical system. None of this has worked. Can anything else be checked/easily repaired? What are possible causes for the power lock to fail? Thank you.
Door will not latch is that correct?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
There are two latches - on at the front of the sliding door and one at the back. The front latch works. The door slides into place, pulls flush with the body, the rear latch catches for a few seconds, then releases and rear side of the door pops out slightly. This seems to be an electrical/servo problem and not a purely mechanical one.
Yes this is uusally caused by either a misdadjudted door of faulty closer motor.Does the door seem to be binding when closing?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Yes, depending on the angle the car is parked on, sometimes it will bind a little when closing. Cleaning the tracks helped with that, but it still happens. The occasional binding has happened for about six months, so I generally use the other door.

Note that this motor/latch issue has happened with both rear sliding doors before, but not very often. Opening and reclosing the affected door once or twice generally fixed the problem. This time the above posted issue has been going on for three days.
OK this is usually an issue with either a broken center roller or faulty closer motor .How does the center roller look ?
Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Opening and closing the door manually, there really does seem to be an issue with the center roller. The working door rolls very smoothly. The broken door catches a lot at the center and the hinge doesn't hold at a steady angle. It seems to have distended the cable a bit, and the track is worn differently (deeper, more scraped) than the track on the working door. You're absolutely right - something is not aligned correctly with that door and the roller is probably broken (it's difficult to see). So... probably a new hinge assembly, maybe a new track and cable?

If that doesn't fix the original problem, I'll move on to a faulty closer motor. Any other possible issues that I should keep in mind while looking at this?

Nope this is usually caused by a broken center roller and replacing the roller should fix this issue pretty common on these vans.Hoped this helped.

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