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1999 Honda: drivers side front door lock intermittently locks

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1999 Honda Odyssey drivers side front door lock intermittently locks by itself.
Ok the problem is a faulty door lock actuator . These are known to short out and cause this issue . It's located attached to the door latch. About 200 parts and labor to replace. Hoped this helped.

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Customer: replied 7 years ago.
How hard would it be to replace by myself and how much would the parts be.? Would you have instructions?
You will need to remove the door panel. Then with an impact screw driver remove the Phillips screws on the outside of the door that hold the latch assembly in place . Then you will need to remove all the lock rods and tabs which is very difficult alot of times these break. Then you need to remove the entire latch assembly to replace the actuator . Not easy at all. Part is about 85 at the dealer and they will print out instructions if you need them. Hoped this helped

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