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2000 honda accord ex: My low fuel light indicator is

Customer Question

My low fuel light indicator is out on my 2000 honda accord ex. Is there anyway I can replace that?
Submitted: 7 years ago.
Category: Honda
Expert:  Steve replied 7 years ago.
You most likely;y have a bad sending unit in the tank. You can test it by first removing it. If you take the sender out of the fuel in the tank the light should come on. If it doesn't come on the sender is bad for sure.
Here is the test from Honda:

  1. Check the No. 9 BACK UP LIGHT INSTRUMENT LIGHT (7.5 A) fuse in the driver's under-dash fuse/relay box before testing.

  2. Park the vehicle on level ground.

  3. Drain the fuel tank: Remove the fuel return line from the fuel pressure regulator, and attach a suitable hose to the regulator fitting. Place the other end of the hose in a container suitable for gasoline. Start the engine, and run it until the tank is empty (the engine stalls).

  4. Add less than 8.5l (2.2 U.S. Gal, 1.8Imp. Gal) of fuel, and turn the ignition switch ON (II). The low fuel indicator light should come on within 4 minutes.

    • If the light comes on within 4 minutes, go to step 9.

    • If the light does not come on within 4 minutes, go to step 5.

  5. Remove the spare tire lid.

  6. Remove the access panel from the floor.

  7. Turn the ignition switch OFF, then disconnect the fuel pump 5P connector.

  1. Connect the fuel pump 5P connector terminals No. 1 and No. 3 with a jumper wire.

    • If the light comes on, replace the fuel gauge sending unit.

    • If the light does not come on, check for:

      - an open in the LT GRN/RED wire between the fuel gauge sending unit and the fuel gauge assembly.

      - blown bulb.

      - a poor ground (G552).

  2. Add 4 l of fuel (1.1 U.S. Gal, 0.9 Imp. Gal). The light should go off within 4 minutes