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2007 Honda Odyssey EX: automatic..the drivers side..grinding noise

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I own a 2007 Honda Odyssey EX. The driver's side power window is the only one that operates now. The automatic sliding power door on the driver's side, will not close unless on level ground and when it does close, it makes a horrible grinding noise and sometimes take mutiple tries to close. We are beginning to hear this same grinding sound with the other power sliding door! Has there been a recall on these problems?

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OK, first check the child safety button on the drivers door master switch. Make sure it is no turned on?


For the door issue open and close the door, and look at the rear roller- in the middle of the door on the far back. see if this roller has a lot of movement in and out and is causing dragging of the door.


Check these and let me know how you make out.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Had already checked the child safety switch for the windows. That is not on. For the door, there is a little movement on the spring loaded hinge mounted on the door but no wobble on the roller mounted in the body track.. Door will not close with the power feature. The only way I can close it is to switch to manual and it bumps and trys to hang up every 6" or so but will eventually close

do the windows operate from any of the switches at all?


look at that rear roller and if you can look up in th track there are 2 yellow colored roller bearings, see if they look damaged at ll.


When you try to use the door with the power feature, does anything happen, Noises / beeps.

Customer: replied 7 years ago.

The windows do not operate from any of the switches, only the driver window. I don't see any damage to the door rollers. I see a small top roller and a larger bottom roller. The spring hinge on the door holding the rollers seems to move when the door is manually closed and actually rubs against the track and the larger roller starts to roll at an angle, maybe trying to jump the track. The only noise heard when using the power feature is the bumping and grinding of the rollers and the door will stop and sometimes back up like it has hit something or jammed especially when vehicle is on and incline, no beeps or any other signals.

There are 3 rollers, are you inspecting the rear center roller, the only reason i am being persistent is that this roller is known for going bad and will give the exact symptoms of your problem?


Did you use the child safety button for the windows at all prior to this incident? Looking at your diagram this would be the most common and probable fault or an actual issue in the drive master switch assembly for this situation, but typically only happens when the button is used.



Customer: replied 7 years ago.

We don't usually use the child safety button. I'm sure we have cut it on and off sometime in the past but not normally.


I don't see 3 rollers. I only see one roller that is about 1 1/2" in diameter and sits vertically in the track and is mounted in a bracket that is connected on each end by the cable. On top of the bracket is a tiny roller about 3/4" in diameter that sits horizontal in the top of the track and looks to keep the bracket holding the larger roller in line with the track. This small roller seems to be disconnected from the bracket, maybe, allowing the bracket holding the large roller to wobble and get misalligned with the track . Not sure what it is supposed to look like.

I apologize for not being able to speak with you yesterday. I began having major issues with the website and my post were not showing up in our log here. I am still having some issue with posting pictures. Hopefully i can show you a picture of this roller assembly i think is at fault here.


After looking at your diagram for the window issue. I would recommend replacing the drivers window master switch assembly. the control for all the windows pass through this switch first.


As for the sliding door issue, the most likely cause is the rear center roller bearing jamming and causing the pinch sensor to activate and not allow the door to open.

Especially if the bracket is getting close to the body of the car. It indicates the roller is misaligning the door as it comes down the track.


I would recommend replacing the center rear roller assembly. Here is a view of it.




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