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I need a diagram for the timing marks on a 94 civic 1.5L.

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I need a diagram for the timing marks on a 94 civic 1.5L. Thanks

Hello I will help you with your question,


Here is the procedure to set the ignition timing, let me know if you meant cam timing


Start engine and allow it to warm up until the radiator fan cycles on and off once.

Service Check Connector And Data Link Connector

2) Locate the Service Check Connector behind the right kick panel, and connect the BLK and BRN wires with a jumper wire.

Connecting Timing Light To Ignition Wire

3) Connect a timing light to #1 Ignition Cable and aim it at the pointer on the timing belt cover near the crankshaft pulley.
4) Ignition timing must be checked at the the proper idle speed as listed below.


16°±2°BTDC (RED MARK) at 670 ±50 rpm (USA)
16°±2°BTDC (RED MARK) at 750 ±50 rpm (CAN)


16°±2°BTDC (RED MARK) at 700 ±50 rpm (USA)
16°±2°BTDC (RED MARK) at 750 ±50 rpm (CAN)

NOTE: The White mark is Top Dead Center.

5) If timing is not correct, loosen the Distributor mounting bolts (2) and rotate the Distributor housing clockwise to retard or counter-clockwise to advance the timing.


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Im sorry I need a diagram on how to line up the timing marks on the cam and the crank for the timing belt.

Ok is this a VTECH, 8 valve or 16 valve?


Customer: replied 7 years ago.
Non v-tech I am not sure if it is 16 valve or 8 valve. I dont have the car here it is at the shop at my work. Is the 16 valve dohc or sohc

16 is DOHC and 8 is SOHC



Customer: replied 7 years ago.


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