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2004 Honda Accord Center LCD panel for audio, clock & temp

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2004 Honda Accord
Center LCD panel for audio, clock & temp controls is blank.
No backlight, no symbols.
Understand my warranty has been extended for this problem??

Hello I will help you with your question,


Yes the warranty has been extended to 7 years 100,000 miles. The dealer will replace the circuit board in the unit under this warranty. Here is a copy of the Warranty announcement please let me know if you have further questions about this


Thank you



February 5, 2008

Applies To: XXXXX


Warranty Extension: Audio-HVAC Display Is Dim or Dark

(Supersedes 04-027, dated November 27, 2007).

Updated information is shown with asterisks.


*NOTE: Because of a class action settlement, the warranty extension coverage for the audio unit display on affected vehicles purchased or leased between April 13, 2002, and November 7, 2006, is now 7 years or 105,000 miles, whichever occurs first. For more information, refer to Service Bulletin 06-085, Warranty Extension: Vehicle Warranty Mileage.*


In some audio units, a component failure on the PCB (printed circuit board) could cause the audio display to become dark or dim, and prevent the audio/HVAC panel buttons from illuminating.

To ensure that customers have adequate warranty coverage for this potential problem, American Honda is increasing the warranty on the audio unit display to 7 years or 100,000 miles, whichever occurs first. For other defects the standard 3 years or 36,000 miles warranty applies, whichever occurs first.


NOTE: Affected vehicles do not have the navigation system.


Only a small number of vehicles within a wide range of vehicles are affected by this warranty extension. Before beginning work, verify vehicle eligibility by checking at least one of these items:

^The customer has a notification letter.


^The vehicle is shown as eligible on a VIN status inquiry.



Owners of affected vehicles received a notification of this warranty extension. An example of the customer notification is at the end of this service bulletin.


If confirmed by your diagnosis, replace the PCB inside the audio unit. The PCB core must be returned for credit.


The matrix lists audio unit information as installed at the factory. There is a chance that the audio unit has been changed from the original. To ensure that the correct PCB is used, always match the audio unit part number (label found on the audio unit chassis) with the PCB part number. The part number for an audio unit starts with "39175", and the PCB part number starts with "3917A". Match the next six characters of the audio unit part number with the next six of the PCB part number.



In warranty: The normal warranty applies.

Operation Number: 0101E4 Flat Rate Time: 0.8 hour Failed Part: P/N 39175-SDA-A11 H/C(NNN) NNN-NNNNDefect Code: 5DY00 Symptom Code: Q3200 Skill Level: Repair Technician



1.Turn the ignition switch to the ON (II) position.


2.Use the eject button to remove all CDs from the audio unit.


3.With the radio on, select a radio station using one of the presets.


^If you hear the radio station but cannot see the radio frequency selected, and the radio/HVAC panel buttons are not illuminated with the headlights on, go to REPAIR PROCEDURE.


^If you can't hear any sound and can't see the radio frequency selected, this bulletin does not apply. Continue with normal troubleshooting.


NOTE: For problems and repairs not covered by this bulletin, troubleshoot as needed, and refer to Service Bulletin 06-001, Audio, Navigation, and RES Unit In-Warranty Exchange, and Audio and DVD Player Out-of-Warranty Repair.



NOTICE Static electricity can damage the components on the PCB. Always follow proper handling procedures.


^Handle the PCB only by the edges of the board.


^Always use the anti-static mat and wrist strap when doing this repair.


^Never lift the PCB by the component parts.


^Never touch the electrical components of the PCB.


^Never lift or hold the PCB by its connectors.


^To prevent damage to the thermal pad, don't remove the protective cover until step 15.


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