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How can you hotwire a honda accord LX Owner lost key, gave

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How can you hotwire a honda accord LX ? Owner lost key, gave me the car, overhauled it and seems ready to run, but no ignition keys/
rgf Good morning. What year is Accord LX?
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

On my notes, its a Honda Acura 1999 LS or DLS with a 5 speed manual transmission. Any other car details, I will try to get later today and will inform you.

Thanks for your assistance as I am sure this will be very helpful for Mr. M ( the self made mechanic}. He has also said that after this problem, he'll have the car registered, sell it and then perhaps make a $100 - $150 profit.

The early 99 did not have immobilizer system i belive,your lost key did not have a large head on it,if it did you will need proof of ownership and ask a dealer to make new key and recode and they will need car there.There is a way with a code to bypass for 5 starts.Will also need Dealer help with that.If there is no Immobilizer you could remove the electrical part of the Ignition switch(two screws) and turn with screwdriver. best of luck to your friend and keep me informed Thanks Jimg
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

I remember him saying that he removes battery connections to reset and try different wires again. Then repeats the same thing.

I will be getting more details of the car later today.But I suppose that the car has the Immobilizer because he removes the car's battery.

How can we help him start his car without having to go to the dealer ?

Thanks again.

The pcm must read the code of the key or it will not energize the circuts.Is the engine cranking over and has no spark or no fuel? If the ignition switch is out it should crank over and have a flashing green key light on dash display.Then it would only need to over ride immobilizer sysyem.I will look into that deeper, if it was easy to do the system would not stop many thefts.
If you can send me the 17 digit VIN # XXXXX can be more exact on the next answer, Thanks Jimg
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

Sure, I intend to get those details too. If you need to send some illustrations, pls. do not hesitate to do so. I'll get back to you with more details later today.



Ok I,ll be out untill this pm but will get back to you.Thanks JimG
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

It seems that Mr. M is unavailable to answer any calls for now as its only 8:00 AM here in the west coast.

So till later. Thanks.

Customer: replied 8 years ago.


Finally got the details !


Its a 1993 Honda Integra, 2 Dr., 3.5 li engine with 5 speed manual transmission . VIN # XXXXX


My regrets for the changes. However, the above specs are actual and verified.


Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks.

Ok now rgf, there should not be any immobilizer to worry about.If Mr M removes electrical part of switch he will have no problems,every thing will light up.Honda does not recommend recoding of that lock , but it can be done if slow and could even leave some tumblers out if the become bent.Let me know if there is more to it than lost key. If no fuel check main relay under dash to the right of steering column. JimG
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

So then, how will he be able to start the car? No instructions on which wires are to be

connected ? What do you mean by "you could even leave some tumblers out if the become bent" ? What will be bent ?


Can you be more precise with your instructions to hotwire this Honda?



Good morning If Mr M can remove lower steering cover and remove electrical part of ignition switch and let me know what is happening we can move on with a no start problem. We must move beyond a no key problem.Is there any kind of alarm system? JimG
Customer: replied 8 years ago.

He did not mention anything about an alarm system. He's confident that the car will start.

You've said that only 2 screws are needed to remove the elect. part of the ignition switch. Then what's next after that ?

Good morning rgf. Once the plastic switch is off the ignition you will see a slot in the front ,turn with a screwdriver just like it was the key. You will have to remove the complete lock assy. from the steering colum to be able to drive and steer. The lock can be removed with a hammer and small punch.Just slowly spin the two shear bolts out Jimg
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